Brett has one more weekend of shows to go…DDFD

in the Marc Camoletti farce DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER at The Theater Barn in New Lebanon.

CHECK IT OUT through July 7th!

Critics are loving it!

“A brilliant quirky cast.”

“Jacqueline’s lover, and her husband’s best friend (and didn’t you suspect that one?) Robert is played with aplomb by Brett Epstein who is funny just standing still and saying nothing. So when he moves and speaks it is impossible to contain yourself. In the second act he has a monologue that is so long Ayn Rand could have written it, and yet he delivers it like the Minute Waltz, makes it understandable and gets his laughs. This is a talent not to be missed.” –BERKSHIRE BRIGHT FOCUS

“…The Barn has two strong physical comics in Powell and Epstein, who would literally be chewing on the scenery if you spread a little brie on it. They do takes, double-takes, spit takes. Epstein bangs his fists, Powell rolls his eyes. Powell is tall, blonde, and gangly. Epstein, a dead ringer for a young Bill Dana, is short, dark, and wiry. They are such a great team…” -BERKSHIRE ON STAGE