Bio & Résumé

unspecified-5A dash of Dan Levy + a scoop of Jim Parsons + a touch of Tony Hale + a healthy helping of wit and an overall type-A-ness… and voilà, IT’S BRETT!

Brett Epstein is 5’6”, a Gemini, and ethnically ambiguous to boot. He’s originally from Connecticut & he received his Bachelors Degree in Rhode Island [Providence College; Theatre/Writing — cum laude].

Brett’s passionate about:

Acting [the New York Times called Brett striking!]

 [two-time winner of TAPNYC Sketch Comedy Challenge recipient of over $2,000 in industry prizes].

-Improvisation [Advanced Study graduate of Upright Citizens Brigade]

-Writing [Best Original Screenplay: AsIFF, Best Screenplay: Blackbird Film Festival]

Brett is a member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA. Brett loves seltzer with lemon, Bridget Fonda in Lake Placid and Alyssa Edwards’ tongue pops.

Also, Brett is currently writing this bio so Brett is confused as to why he is referring to Brett as Brett instead of “I.”



 BRETT EPSTEIN’S Acting Resume: