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Here’s Brett in Season 2, Episode 4 of Friends from College.
Had an absolute blast shooting with these comedic geniuses.

Brett acting in Ensemble Studio Theater’s Holiday Brunch | Dec 9th

Brett will be acting in the hilarious Gracie Gardner‘s short play, as a part of Fa-la-la-la-la-la, la-la-BRUNCH at Ensemble Studio Theater!

Two showtimes: 12pm and 3:00pm

Brunch, bloody marys, and mimosas INCLUDED w/ ticket!
Co-starring Ethan Hova & Shannon Tyo
Directed by Courtney Ulrich


Inside the Struggling Actor’s Studio

Brett’s latest short comedy is a hit!
views & counting!

Take a journey (and share!)… as Brett invites you… inside the struggling actor’s studio.

Brett is “The Nerd”

Brett is playing the titular nerd in Larry Shue’s THE NERD, upstate New York through July 1st!

The reviews are in!

“It is Brett Epstein as Rick, the Nerd of the title, who has the most elaborate character to play. Epstein gives a world-class performance.” -Berkshire Edge

“This group works and plays beautifully together. Epstein, of course, is the standout here – if he wasn’t, the play would falter – and what a show he puts on for us. His Rick is completely cringeworthy in the absolute best wayPlaying it serious against Epstein can’t be easy.” -The Alt

“[The character] Rick may know no bounds but Epstein is shrewdly aware of bounds in a performance that knows just how far it can go without losing an audience.” -Berkshire Eagle 

Epstein has one of those wonderful faces that leaps off the stage and could, if asked, zoom to the last row of an amphitheater. The actor makes full use of it […] to make a reality-based cartoon out of his character.” -Columbia Paper

Brett books TV co-star!

Brett has booked his next TV gig!
Look out for him in Season 2, Episode 4 of FRIENDS FROM COLLEGE on Netflix!
So much fun shooting this! Phenomenal (+ HI-larious) cast & crew!

Reviews for “Snackable Content” at IRT

Brett wraps up performances as Frankie in Dan McCabe’s Snackable Content, part of Spring Fling at IRT!

The stars, Brett Epstein and Rosanny Zayas, really sell their characters, and their conversation feels bright and real.” -PopDust

Sensational performances from Brett Epstein and Rosanny Zayas… An energetic pace where the humor was highlighted and the character’s creative temperaments were allowed to detonate.” -StageBiz
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