First review of FRANKLIN STEIN at the Connelly! [[]]

We are introduced to his loving, airheaded wife Hope (Jennie West) and his self-assured, golf-loving coworker Buddy (Brett Epstein). It is clear that the people that populate Franklin’s world are alive, but are they really living?…

…The performers make this work to their advantage on occasion, as with Epstein’s hilarious, quirky/off-kilter deliveries.

…The piece holds a great commentary on life and asks the right question to get the audience thinking. With a simple set design and direction the play takes you to a world where a man like Franklin could believably die and keep on living.

…The actors give the show plenty of energy and a few surprises keep the audience engaged. Franklin Stein is an everyman in a lot of ways and therefore this play is about every one of us.