Brett was chosen as one of six playwrights for April’s edition of NEW YORK MADNESS.  ‘Madness’ happens each month and each playwright is asked to write utilizing a specific theme (last month all plays had to rhyme).  April’s theme will be announced shortly; more details to come!

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Brett will also be acting in March’s edition of AMERICAN NIGHTCAP at INTAR Theatre, in a new play by Jaime Wright and directed by Courtney Ulrich.  Brett plays a hilarious character named Reggie who… has a lot to say.

Tickets are $10 and comes with a free beer!  Show’s website is here.

March 27th and 28th at 11PM at INTAR presents: American Nightcap.
This month we are featuring five ten-minute plays on violence in American Nightcap: Punch Drunk.
The playwrights featured this month are Mfoniso Udofia, Teddy Nicholas, Ilana Peña, Jaime Wright, and Kara Lee Corthron.

Finally, WOMEN returns next month at the PIT!  4 Tuesday evenings in a row –> April 15 through May 6. Head over to the PIT website for info/tix.  If you’ve missed WOMEN at The Flea, Under St. Mark’s, the Kraine or HousingWorks… well… we’re back!  (Reminder: Brett plays three roles… he won’t pick favorites… but Carl… come on… Carl.  Have you seen CARL?!)