Naperville || Nov 20-Dec 6

Brett is currently in rehearsals for Mat Smart’s comedy NAPERVILLE which opens on Nov 20th at the June Havoc Theater. Brett’s playing T.C., the manager of a Caribou Coffee whose real passion is for the clarinet.

Dance School: School for Dance || Nov 13-22

Brett’s writing is currently featured in #SERIALS@THEFLEA. “Dance School: School for Dance” is entering Episode 9. The show follows a high school dance troupe who dance to the beat of their hearts.

Here’s a video clip from a recent episode –>

Rule of 7×7 || Dec 37x7latest

RULE OF is back! 7 writers, 7 rules, 7 new plays. My rule is “DON’T. EVEN. GO THERE.” Obviously.

Can We Talk?, part of the Cutthroat Series || Dec 9-22

Finally, Brett’s playing Joan Rivers in the Lust segment of the CUTTHROAT SERIES at the Flea. This is an honor. Because Joan is Brett’s idol.